Revered in the world of measurement techniques

With its extensive expertise and experience in the area of surveying, positioning and dimensional control, Geocon is revered in Europe. Geocon is specialised in supplying position data while tunnel elements are being immersed and caissons are being positioned.

Geocon is also the name of the software that uses a variety of advanced survey and positioning systems to follow objects in three dimensions. The measurement data are translated into position data in coordinates. Highly advanced software also provides on-line graphic images of the structure being moved. This means that immersion information can be transmitted throughout the world via the Internet.

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Project: Busan-Geoje Fixed Link


The Busan-Geoje Fixed Link, with a total investment value of EUR 1.5 billion, connects the second capital of South Korea with the Geoje Peninsula via two cable-stayed bridges and an immersed 3.2-kilometre tunnel.

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Project: Chioggia Flood Barrier


Strukton Immersion Projects, the Strukton company that specialises in tunnel immersion methods and procedures, has been awarded a contract for the MOSE Project. This contract involves engineering and executing the transportation and immersion of eight concrete caissons, each of which weighs 21,000 tonnes. Geocon is responsible for positioning and survey and monitoring.

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“The immersion of a new tunnel segment remains one of the riskiest moments in a tunnel’s construction. Failure is not an option.”

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