A big name in measurement systems

Thanks to its solid know-how and extensive experience, Geocon has established itself as a major player in the field of surveying, positioning and dimensioning. Geocon specialises in supplying position data for complex positioning operations – with a specific focus on the immersion of tunnel segments.

Failure is not an option

The immersion of a new tunnel segment remains one of the riskiest moments in a tunnel’s construction. Failure is not an option: the costs of possible damage and planning delays due to work interruption are simply too great. It is no surprise that clients look for a specialist that has a proven ability to handle the most precarious immersion projects. Geocon is one of the world’s foremost players in this sector.

What sets us apart

In our view, the effective support of a high-risk immersion operation amounts to a lot more than just supplying numerical data. We distinguish ourselves from our competitors through our strong focus on developing services that can help control the immersion process.

Geocon is also the name of specialist software used for the three-dimensional monitoring of a structure’s position with the aid of advanced measuring equipment. The program converts the measured data into position coordinates. In addition, users can review the structure’s current position data online via a graphic representation made with the help of a number of advanced software applications. This means that the immersion data can be sent all over the world in real time via the internet. Geocon can be relied on at every stage of a complex positioning operation – from the preparation phase to follow-up monitoring after the segment has been immersed.

We also distinguish ourselves through our unique track record. Over the past three decades, we have immersed over 130 segments in more than 20 projects. In the last five years alone, we were involved in the immersion of 28 segments within four projects.

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