Health, Safety and the Environment

Geocon assigns high priority to ethical business practices, quality, health & safety and the environment. All Geocon activities are executed in compliance with the NEN/ISO 9001:2000 quality management standard, and Geocon staff work according to the requirements of VCA** 2004/04 certification. Geocon collects and analyses management information relating to quality assurance, working conditions and the environment with the aid of the cutting-edge methods and procedures. Our aim is to achieving ongoing improvement in our operational management, which ultimately has a positive effect on our bottom line.

Improved safety yields greater returns

The preservation and optimisation of our safety culture – objectives supported by our effective safety management policies – relate to all stages of the construction process: from the tendering phase to management and maintenance. And for good reason: after all, care for the environment and the safety of our employees and stakeholders is an integral part of a company’s social responsibility – be it our own or that of our clients. In addition, we know from experience that a positive safety culture actually improves returns.