Çanakkale Bridge Caissons

Geocon is responsible for survey and monitoring of transport and immersion of two bridge caissons along the Dardanelles Strait in Turkey. The caissons will form the foundation of the 1915 Ҫanakkale bridge. The Çanakkale bridge will become the longest suspension bridge in the world with a bridge span of 2023 meters. The size of each caisson is enormous and matches the size of two times the Strukton head office in Utrecht. Strukton Immersion Projects will be responsible for the operations for the float out, transport and immersion of the caissons including the required engineering. The construction of the caissons will start February 2018. The actual float out is planned around January 2019. While floating, the roof and towers of the caissons will be completed. The immersion will start at the beginning of 2019.

Daelim-Limak-SK-Yapi Merkezi JV
Ҫanakkale - Turkey
Number of elements:
in progress
Gravity based foundation