Chioggia Flood Barrier

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Chioggia Immersion

Project information

Strukton Immersion Projects, the Strukton company that specialises in tunnel immersion methods and procedures, was awarded a contract for the MOSE Project. This contract involves engineering and executing the transportation and immersion of eight concrete caissons, each of which weighs 21,000 tonnes. Geocon is responsible for positioning, survey and monitoring.


Venice is situated on a group of small islands in a marshy lagoon. For centuries, the city has been struggling with flood tides from the Adriatic, which are occurring on an increasingly frequent basis. Not only is Venice faced with a rising sea level, but the city itself is also subsiding in the soft soil it has been built on. To prevent further flooding, the Italian government is constructing a storm surge barrier that is intended to close off the Venice Laguna during high water: the MOSE Project (MOdulo Sperimentale Elettromeccanico). The barrier system consists of mobile gates that will be installed along the three Laguna inlets, near Lido, Malamocco and Chioggia. The system will only be used during exceptional tide peaks, similar to the Maeslantkering barrier in the Netherlands.

The caissons will serve as the base for a mobile storm surge barrier that is intended to protect Venice from flooding. The contract in question concerns the southern lagoon inlet near Chioggia, and was awarded by local Venetian authorities. Strukton is executing this work on behalf of the Italian building consortium Clodia. The contract value for Strukton totals over EUR 8 million.

Measurement systems

The caissons are positioned with the aid of total stations and RTK-GPS

Imersion CN-S02


In the final phase, the immersion team perfomes highly accurate measurements with the help of distance sensors.