HSL Tunnel Dortsche Kil

Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management
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High-speed line
Projecten - Dortsche Kil en Oude Maas bouwdok
Projecten - Tunnel Dordtsche Kil overzicht

Dordtsche Kil

The high speed railway line from Schiphol Airport to Antwerp is crossing the river Oude Maas and the river Dordtsche Kil which are done by immersed tunnels. The building consortium, where Strukton was part of, designed, build and immersed the tunnels.

The tunnel crosses not only the Dordtsche Kil, but has also extended beyond the A16. The section of the tunnel located under the Dordtsche Kil was built as immersed tunnel, the rest of the tunnel according the cut-and-cover method. The total length of the tunnel is 1488 meters, of which 975 meters consists of an immersed tunnel. The deepest point of the tunnel is 18.50 meters NAP. The immersed tunnel consist of 7 elements of 150 meters in length each.