HSL Tunnel Oude Maas

Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management
Number of elements:
High-speed line
Projecten - Oude Maas 001
Projecten - Oude Maas 002
Projecten - Oude Maas overzicht

Tunnel Oude Maas

The high speed railway line from Schiphol Airport to Antwerp is crossing the river Oude Maas and the river Dordtsche Kil which are done by immersed tunnels. The building consortium, where Strukton was part of, designed, build and immersed the tunnels.

Like most immersed tunnels in the Netherlands are the seven elements of the railway tunnel under the river Oude Maas built in a dry dock in Barendrecht. Each element, 10 meters hoog, 18 meters wide and 150 meters long, has two separated tubes. The tunnel is including access roads 2500 meters long. This consists 1050 meters immersed tunnel, with the deepest point 20.80 meters –NAP. Because the tunnel runs alongside a dike, one side of the tunnel is carried out water-retaining.