Real-time positioning

Once the immersion operation is underway, nothing is allowed to go wrong. Delaying the operation is not an option – even if bad weather is on its way, or the waterway needs to be cleared for shipping. A reliable positioning system plays a crucial role in ensuring a project’s timely completion.

Real time positioneren 002
Real-time positioneren 005
Real time positioneren 004

We rely on a variety of measurement systems for position data, often used in combination with one another. We not only use them during the immersion of the tunnel segments themselves, but also for the installation of the foundation tiles that will support the segment.

Once a segment has been immersed, we perform a final measurement. During this check, we generate new dimensioning data for the entire length of the segment from the inside. This double measurement is used to establish that the segment has been installed precisely in its intended position.