Custom-made software

The Geocon program processes the data collected during an immersion operation by special measurement instruments. Geocon provides the client or responsible contractor with a real-time overview on his computer monitor of all relevant information regarding the segment’s current position, allowing the user to effectively control the immersion process based on this information.

Software op maat 003

The Geocon application presents a uniform image with relevant position data, irrespective of which measurement system is used. The program is installed on the client’s computer on location at the project site, and results can also be shared with other parties via the internet. In addition to communicating position data, the Geocon program also allows users to operate and monitor factors like tensile forces in the winches, jack pressures and ballast water levels via remote-controlled systems.


To give the project management team a good picture of the status of the immersion operation, we have developed another program that complements the main Geocon software. This application offers a visual depiction of the immersion process that can be shared via the internet. Those interested can follow the immersion of a tunnel segment in real time via Furthermore, the immersion details for preceding tunnel segments can also be played back the program.