Geocon owns several Trimble GNSS receivers. Thanks to its use of SPS851, SPS551H and SPS461 receivers, the company can guarantee complete accuracy during positioning projects. Geocon uses its GNSS systems to establish, monitor or safeguard a project’s geometric foundations.


In addition, these systems are used to align gyrocompasses in preparation of an immersion operation. And during the actual immersion or positioning, these systems can also be used to transport and immerse tunnel elements, among other things. Where possible, the team takes a sounding via a shaft with the aid of RTK technology or a static surveying solution.

The key advantage of GNSS positioning

The key advantage of positioning via a GNSS is that – in contrast with optical systems – operators are no longer dependent on sightlines towards instruments on shore. Geocon has employed the GNSS system in a variety of projects, including the immersion of tunnel segments for the Busan-Geoje Fixed Link and Amsterdam’s North-South Line.