Tautwire system

The tautwire is an instrument that allows for the reeling and unreeling of a wire that is maintained at a constant tension. The device is able to measure the angles and length of a thin steel cable that is reeled on its drum, and generate position data from these readings via the Geocon software program.




The tautwire is installed by our divers in the segment’s GINA seal before the segment is actually immersed. After immersion, and after the GINA seal has been pumped dry, the tautwire can be recovered from the seal. However, the tautwire method can also be used outside the seal. Geocon’s tautwire system was custom-made according to its specifications and can be used to a depth of 50 metres across a distance of 70 metres.

Geocon has employed the tautwire system in the following projects:

  • Busan Geoje Fixed Link
  • North-South Line, IJ segments

    And will be used at the Chioggia Flood Barrier project.